Future Plans

Yes, we are constantly developing and improving all of the material which is already on the website, to ensure you are supplied with the best possible source to study for the Junior Certificate.

We are going to complete material on at least four ordinary level subjects (maths, English, Irish and French). Our notes in most of our other subjects can cover both higher and ordinary level students, but we may begin ordinary level exam answers on these other subjects – certainly, we will complete notes and exam answers on the four main subjects mentioned above. Art and CSPE both have simply a ‘common level’ so there is no need to cater for either higher or ordinary level students with regards to those two subjects.

Yes, we are also in the process of doing this. We plan on doing a total of 6-7 years in each subject.

Yes, we are in the process of preparing material for at least four more Junior Certificate subjects, and they hopefully will be up on the website in the coming year.

JC-Learn Ambassador & ‘Extras’ Section

You simply go to the suggestions and fill out the basic form which includes name, email and the subject and your message (suggestion). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and we love hearing from our users.

Once you have become an Ambassador, we will contact you by email, so you do not need to worry about contacting us first.

As a JC-Learn Ambassador, you have the opportunity to make some money for yourself. You first have to be a full member on the site and know the product well. If you’re interested you can fill out the form HERE. For every 5 memberships, you sell to your friends you get €20 via Paypal”

Firstly, you must be a paying member and know the product well. You then can click HERE and just fill out the short form supplied. We will then be in contact with you giving you the schools rep code. You can then start earning money by getting just five other people to sign up to the full membership option (through a specific school discount code which will make it even easier to sell).

We offer a blog, an option to Join the team via our Ambassador programme, an option to submit suggestions/add content, and an option where you can see your account status.

Main Content

Sometimes users get a sign-in error, if this happens to you try to refresh the page and try again. If this doesn’t solve the problem make sure you’re not logged in on two different devices at the same time. Also make sure you are using the correct username as they are Cap sensitive (don’t use your email to login!). If there is still a problem use the Ask An Expert service or e-mail askaquestion@jclearn.ie.

The study tips section offers three separate areas of aid to tackle the exams – exam guidelines and timing, an overview of questions, and study tips/techniques. This service is on offer in every single one of the subjects we have material on in our website.

The exam answers were completed by students who have received an A for that subject, so they know exactly how to answer the questions on the paper. Also, the answers have been reviewed by teachers and other agencies to make sure they are all of the highest quality.

These sections have all be written by the three founders of this website – three students who completed the Junior Certificate in 2015 and received a combined 30 A’s in all Higher Level subjects, and who know what it takes to achieve the highest grades possible

The notes section includes all the notes you need on every single chapter and topic on all the subjects we have on our website. The section allows you to study all you need to know and be sure of achieving high grades.

Pricing & Memberships

This is not a website error. The tree trial only allows access to the Science and Geography content for 14 days. All other content is locked until the account is upgraded to full account which you can do so HERE.

You simply go onto the ‘Extras’ option, and within this you click onto the ‘My Account’ option. You will then be given the option to change your membership deal, and you can then upgrade to the full membership option.

The cost of membership to the website is subject to change. However, once you have purchased a membership there will not be an increase in price for you, just new customers. We definitely recommend signing up early in the year would be a clever investment as you will save money, and you will have more time to benefit from our services long before you begin the Junior Certificate.

The full membership cost can be found HERE. This price is extremely cheap when you compare it to not only the price of actual grinds, but also to revision books. When you take into account the high standard of the content we supply and the low price we are charging then we feel we are a very economic choice in tackling state exams.

You will receive notes, exam answers and study tips on geography and science. These two subjects can often be regarded as subjects with quite a lengthy course, so we feel they are best suited for the free option as they can truly showcase the material we have on offer.